The River of Grass

Airboat and Swamp Buggy Tours

Welcome to The River Of Grass Adventures, Private Tours!  Are you ready to make your Florida vacation amazing?  With The River of Grass you will explore the Everglades with seasoned glades men who are experts at delivering you a fun and memorable visit to our world's natural treasure, The Great Florida Everglades. Explore the wetlands from a small custom state-of-the-art boat, also known as the air boat or on an Everglades ORV off-road vehicle, the Swamp Buggy. Come see Miami's other wild side, the Everglades has so much to offer. Ride with us and experience a subtropical paradise filled with wonder and excitement!

The American Alligator

he River of Grass Adventures is a private family run all american Everglades tour company. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we don't sell our tours to travel agents or other booking companies. We book our tours by Reservation only through our website or telephone numbers.  We are not a theme park or roadside attraction in the Everglades. There are no caged alligators or reptiles, no caged birds, no stages or lines on our tours!  We are able to accommodate groups of all ages and sizes, from just 1 guest to 30 guests. All of The River of Grass tours take you were some of the most exotic and unforgettable wildlife exists. Where the roads, the trails and the "river of grass" are all less traveled.

TripAdvisor is one of the world's largest travel sites. So when you're looking for something fun to do in Miami, you know, don't just search Miami, search "tripadvisor Miami".  Currently listed as one of the top things to do in Miami! Voted #1 in Private Tours, Outdoor Activities, and Boat Tours. We hope you can take a moment to read what some of our guests have said about their Adventure! Check out some of the reviews for the month you'll be visiting. It's a great way to see what you might experience during that time. The Everglades is always changing, month to month. Wildlife viewing can change, but we typically see alligators, turtles and birds throughout the year. Some months you might experience more than others. The airboat ride and the swamp buggy adventures are always thrilling and the scenery is unlike anything else in the world. So come with us and let the ride decide!  We are not just another tour company, we are an Adventure company!  "The Everglades, it is a river of grass" ~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas

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1 Hour Airboat Ride 

$200.00 2 guest 
additional guest $50 each

Everglades Boat Tour!

Airboat Tour

$375.00 2 guest 
additional guest $75 each

Everglades Boat Ride!
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1.5 HOUR 
Airboat Ride

$275.00 2 guest 
additional guest $50 each

Everglades Boat Tour!

  Bring your family, your friends, your co- workers and experience the Everglades with The River of Grass!
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