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Picture courtesy of Horst F. Rebing

Come see the Florida Everglades from a custom boat, also known as the airboat or from an Everglades ORV, off road vehicle, the Swamp Buggy. Let our captains at The River of Grass Everglades Adventures take you for a thrilling and unique ride on their luxury airboats and legendary swamp buggies! Experience a true Nature Tour unlike any other in the Everglades.  Alligators, eagles, osprey, otters, even deer, bear, and panthers, all call Everglades home.  Our team of seasoned gladesmen are prepared to deliver you a fun and memorable visit to Florida's own verdant piece of paradise, the Great Florida Everglades. The Everglades boat rides, airboat tours are close to Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Homestead and the Keys. The Swamp Buggy tours in Big Cypress National Preserve, are just 30 miles from the Airboat River of Grass Adventures, and closest to Everglades City, Naples, and Marco Island!

We are sure to get your adrenaline pumping while you ride on our private boats, also known as an airboat, through the Everglades River of Grass. Enjoy an Everglades nature tour with safe close encounters with alligators, turtles, amazing birds and much more all in their own natural habitats. The Airboat tours smoothly glide over miles of wetlands and marshes in the beautiful Everglades.  Take on an off road adventure unlike any in the world on a legendary Swamp Buggy. Enjoy the fun elevated views as you experience the captivating beauty of cypress swamps, sandy islands of slash pines, marshes and prairies of the Big Cypress National Preserve on a Swamp Buggy adventure. 

The River of Grass Adventures are all true Everglades nature tours.  We are not a theme park with caged alligators, no caged reptiles, no caged birds!  The Airboat River of Grass boat rides and Swamp Buggy tours take you where the Everglades wildlife is cage free!  See nature the way it should be seen. Tour with Gladesmen who have spent there lives on airboats, on swamp buggies, and on foot, exploring, navigating, and protecting the millions of acres of Everglades. Through wetlands, cypress swamps, pine islands, marshes, prairies and hard wood hammocks, with The River of Grass Adventures you can be sure your captains know the Everglades and will share their experiences and knowlege with you!!  

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All the equipment used by our team for the Airboat & Swamp Buggy Adventures are all highly maintained.  This means your Everglades boat ride, Alligator Tour, Fishing Tour, Birding Tour, Everglades Nature Tour, as well as the Big Cypress Swamp Buggy Rides and Wildlife Adventures are all safe and reliable and you can expect to have a great day in the Everglades. Combine any of the Miami Everglades Air boat rides with The Big Cypress National Preserve Swamp Buggy Tours (August through May) for a full day of Everglades fun!

We are a family owned and operated business with over 
45 years of Everglades experiences. Providing safe and fun family airboat rides and swamp buggy tours our company proves to be truly worth its great reputation in Miami, Ft Lauderdale and South Florida. We are also among only a few of the National Parks Commercial Service Operators authorized to give these unique adventures in Big Cypress National Preserve.  You can be sure that we are a Permitted, Licensed and Insured Company. Your safety and enjoyment is our top priority.

Picture courtesy of Horst F. Rebing

We hope you consider
The River of Grass Adventures to take you on a First Class private Everglades tour!  It's sure to be unforgettable fun!   Check out our ratings with TripAdvisor, five stars!!  Read what some of our guests have said about their Adventure! We thank all of them for taking the time to share their Everglades experience with future guests.  What a wonderful way to assure you that The River of Grass Adventures is an excellent Everglades boat ride, airboat tour, swamp buggy tour, alligator tour, eco tour, nature tour, wildlife tour to take!

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  Bring your family, your friends, your co- workers and experience the Everglades with The River of Grass!
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