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Alligators during the Dry Season in the Everglades

Does wildlife viewing change throughout the year?

The Everglades has only 2 seasons, yep, not Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! Just the Wet Season and the Dry Season. During the Dry Season in the Everglades, our typical daily rain fall begin to slow and each day water levels begin to drop. This can be a great time to see wildlife on a private airboat tours Everglades! Since water will dry up in many of the areas throughout the Everglades, most of the animals will be near the remaining bodies of water. Wading birds will enjoy easy picking for their nesting babies, and alligators won't be able to swim freely throughout the "river of grass" since most of it will be prairies of yellowing grass. It is not uncommon to see many many alligators during this time in canals and the remaining ponds of water! Of course, when the rainy season begins (typically around mid May through November) this is a GREAT time of year for the parched Everglades! Water levels begin to rise, filling up the cypress domes and swamps, the fresh water marsh lands and sloughs and the wildlife can begin to spread out. The grass begins to turn green again and all is happy and cooler!!

Is there more than one meeting location?

Yes, we have several meeting locations for our private airboat tours Everglades River Of Grass.  When water levels are not good for air boating we will sometimes be able to move to a different location.  You will be notified in advance if the meeting location needs to be changed.  If you are unable to meet us at any of our alternate locations a FULL REFUND will be issued to you.  

What are the River of Grass Adventures hours of operation?

We run our private Everglades airboat tours and Everglades day tours 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset, subject to weather and water conditions.  Just let us know your desired time and day, we will try to accommodate your request.  We do not offer tours on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day.  All phone calls, voice messages and emails are accepted daily.  We'll get back with you within 24 hours, likely sooner. Hope to see you later alligator!

"Whoever wants me to talk, I'll come over and tell them about the necessity of preserving the Everglades."

- Marjory Stoneman Douglas    1890 - 1998

Alligators due the Dry Season in the Everglades
River Of Grass Birds in the Everglades


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*Current conditions in the Everglades ~ Updated 11/23

       *It is Fall in Florida and The DRY Season in the Florida EVERGLADES!

Airboat tours in the Everglades during the dry season can one of the best times of year for adventure.  Temperatures are typically cooler (even for sunny south Florida).  If it is a cool day, please be sure to bring along some layers, it will feel even cooler on the airboat.  We have baskets under the seats to store a few personal items in case you don't need the extra layers.  With less change of rain during the dry seasons, water levels will be getting lower daily.  Wildlife viewing should be great on your airboat ride.  Birds start to migrate here and they love to feed and nest during the dry season in the Everglades.  Oh, and the alligator viewing can be particularly awesome when water levels are low in our Miami Everglades airboat tour location! 

Do you need to make a reservation?

Absolutely! Just give us a call or email, it's really easy. Since we are a private tour company our calendar can fill up quickly. It is always best to book your private airboat tours Everglades River of Grass adventure ahead of time. You can however, still try to reserve your tour on the day you would like to go, we may have some openings. PLEASE NOTE ~ In order to provide you with the best quality of service, all River Of Grass Adventure tours are booked directly through us. We do not sell our tours to any other booking agents, groupons or other reservation companies.

What is The River Of Grass refund policy?

We provide a great FULL REFUND, if tour does not depart due to bad weather conditions, changes made within 12 hour from meeting time, or if tour is cancelled due to mechanical problems. We will not make you ride in the rain! If tour is rained out and you are able to reschedule for another day, we will do our best to fit you in on another River Of Grass adventure. Otherwise we will issue you a FULL REFUND.

What should we wear?

SUNGLASSES, SUNSCREEN, and a HAT are all very important! The Florida Everglades is warm to hot about 75% of the year. Light weight non breezy cloths are great. If it is cool out, it will be colder on the water or in the swamps so wear warm clothes! Layers are great! It’s always better to have more than less. What you might not want to wear you can always put under the seats. We will have plenty of room.

How far is the Everglades River of Grass meeting location from Miami Beach?

The drive from Miami Beach to our Miami meeting location is approximately 25 miles and a 40 to 55 minutes (depending on traffic). 

How far is the Everglades River of Grass meeting location from Miami International Airport?

The drive from MIA is pretty close to our Miami meeting location, about 16 miles and approximately a 20 to 30 minutes drive (depending on traffic). 

What is the best way to get to The River of Grass meeting location and do you provide transportation?

Having your own car (rental car) is the best way to get to our airboat tour locations. However, a Taxi Cab and Uber are also good ways to arrive to our meeting location. Depending on your group size, we can typically get you to our tour launch area then back to the Pilot travel Center for pickup.  Otherwise, you will need to have your UBER or TAXI follow us to the boat launch area.  If you allow locations on your UBER app, they can typically pick you up from the tour site without using an address (our boat launch sites do not have a physical address, unlike our meeting location at Dade Corners/Pilot Travel Center) Please call us with any questions or concerns regarding transportation to and from our Meeting Location area!

What is the Pilot Travel Center and how far is the departure point from here?

The Pilot Travel Center (aka Dade Corners) is a great meeting location for all people visiting the Everglades. It is a well run Shell Gas Service Station with a friendly staff, a Subway sandwich shop inside, and clean restrooms. Not to mention some really cool novelty gifts and souvenirs. They also have lots of cool items you might need on any Everglades adventure, from fishing to camping to heading out on a great airboat adventure. There are a several tour companies that meet here so be sure to ask for THE RIVER OF GRASS. Depending on the River of Grass adventure, most of our tours are within 3 to 10 minutes away which you will follow us to. Dade Corners, Pilot Travel Center 17696 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33194. If we are not there just give us a call, we are only a few minutes away 305-788-2418.

Will I get bit by mosquitos?

Everyone comes to the Everglades armed with mosquito repellent at hand, right? Well depending on when you will be visiting, you typically won’t need it. During the summer time, right before daylight or dusk you may find them buzzin’. But during the winter you might not see one! The airboat adventures are in the open sawgrass areas and far less bugs than the wooded areas of the Everglades.  

Is there any age limits for the airboat adventures?

NOPE! We have had babies to 90 year old folks on our air boat adventures! Children under 6 are not recommended on the "share a private" airboat adventures. We do recommend taking the Private tour for parties with children under 6 years old. ~ Children under 6 always ride for FREE!

Will we see Alligators?

It would be very unusual to not see an alligator on one of our sightseeing airboat adventures. However, since this is wildlife and tours take place in nature, not a roadside attraction...we can not guarantee alligators will be seen. We can guarantee a beautiful scenery and thrilling ride through the Everglades. We can also offer you tickets to some of the roadside attractions wildlife shows if thats something you think you might enjoy. We want your experience in the Everglades to be terrific, guaranteed!​

*What is the best time to take an airboat tour during the SUMMER or Wet Season in the Everglades?

Summer time is HOT in the Florida Everglades and rain is typically alway in the forecast.  It will be raining "somewhere" in south Florida typically anytime throughout the day.  Afternoon showers seem to be most popular in the Everglades, however, "Mother Nature" is difficult to predict.  We recommend morning or late afternoon trips for temperature comfort as well as better wildlife viewing opportunities.  Mid day tours can still be booked and are great for riding throughout the area (most interested in a fun airboat ride), stops for wildlife viewing however, will be shortened due to the heat.  

*What happens if it is raining?

It is typical for rain to be in the forecast everyday during the Summer Time. It doesn't mean it will be raining where we tour at the time our your tour, so still come!  Tours do not depart in extreme rain or lightning, however, we will depart in a light rain IF YOU WANT TO!  We don't make anyone go out in bad weather and we do provide a FULL REFUND if you are unable to reschedule.  It is possible rain happens while on your tour, not to worry, we have raincoats for you!​

Answers to FAQ's on Everglades River of Grass Tours 

Below are many of the questions we get from our guests before heading out on an airboat tours Everglades River of Grass Tour.  We hope this helps, but please don't hesitate to give us a call or email us with any other questions you might have. 305-788-2418